Magnum photographers have a lonesome profession.
To make his photo series 'Moments before the flood',
Carl De Keyzer traveled around the entire European coast.

A four year journey travelling more than 75.000 miles along a coastline that is threatened to disappear as a result of global warming.

In 'OdysSea' Magnum photographer Carl De Keyzer, is documented by Jimmy Kets during this cumbersome and solitary trip. The result is an intimate and compelling portrait of an internationally praised Magnum photographer. David Martijn of Goose wrote the original music for the movie.

Director & Cameraman:
Jimmy Kets
David Martijn
Marnix Mattens, Jurgen Buedts, Jan De Coster
Executive producer:
Las Belgas / Jurgen Buedts
Associate producer:
Congoo / Paul Pauwels
Story editing
Marnix Mattens
With the support of:
The Belgian Tax Shelter system
Investor: Jet Import
The city of Ostend
  • Cinema Aventure

    Brussel - October 23 2013
  • Sphinx Cinema

    Ghent - October 24-29-31, November 5 2013
  • Cinema Zuid

    Antwerp - November 21 2013
  • Cinema ZED

    Leuven - November 20-25-27-28 2013
  • Cinema Zuid

    Antwerp - November 21 2013
  • dalton distributions

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